Sunday, February 13, 2011


This is Gann Emblem.  Basically I get important dates to watch for from it.  The current rally started on Nov 16th.  The low on that day was 1173 in the very last hour of trading.  Gann circle is making the 365 days in the year into 360 degrees and marking the 1/4 or 90 degrees at roughly 90 days. In this instance it falls on the Feb 16th. The 90; 180; 270 are important turn dates.  Personally 90 and 270 work better than 180.   
This is my hourly SPX.  It is still within the plus minus 1% of the top of trend line.  The thing that caught my attention today was the first move was 187 hours and the second move or EW wave 3 was 343 hours approx = 187*187 = 349 hours and current move three or EW wave 5 is 419 hours that 2.24 times 187.  This number 224 is an often seen ratio number.  
This is my TNA daily.  I marked the Feb 16th on this chart and found it falls exactly on the intersection of the red median line of the upward channel and the newly constructed downward channel.  That is a tell and is pointing to a pull back point IMO.
Lastly this is my hourly TNA.  The fast and slow channels are set to intersect in 17 hours or 3 days.  That will bring it to March 16th which is in line with Gann 90.  These 4 charts point to Wed. high for a pull back to set in.  Its all charts and construction and conclusion.  These are highly likely events.  Should a top occur on this day and I get a signal after I would be more confidant shorting.  
I am now bullish and will stay that way until I get distinct go for the other side.. Follow me on twitter to see my trades as they happen.
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  1. Does Gann just measure trader psychology or "predict" it? I do not trade with it, nor do I know anything about it.



  2. Gann is all about charts; angles; and relationship between lows and highs