Monday, August 2, 2010

Sooner the better

This was a very big day in the markets.  There was overall rally in every sector.  Heck even companies that did not report great earnings were up today.  DMRM worked very nicely today.  Next important Gann date is August 6th.  I am very aware
that people who are semi permanently locked into bear positions and are short the market seem to come up with the same reason our US's balance sheet is loaded with debt and this balloon could burst any minute.   The second common talk is about a P3 decline that will take us to new lows less than 666 on spx and there will be utter chaos.  This talk is becoming less common though.  And then there are the strict Elliot Wavers some are very good they seem to catch the up as well as the down moves.  In our CIL ( click at the big blue box at the bottom) we have Gann analyst, some that do Andew's fork,  and people with very sophisticated set of indicators that takes them from bearish to bullish in stages of 25%,50%,75% and 100%   and vice versa.  I have my own like many.  Currently my focus is on 10/20 sma cross, DMRM and D2PL trend line.  IMO we are going up.
Bottom line you have to get on the right side and  sooner the better.
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