Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Even Louisiana doen't get rain every day.

Today was lot calmer than the last few days.  Today was a HH and HL day.  The markets closed lower none the less the trend was/is up.  FAS and SPX opened lower with a bang.  SPX opened down 3 pts and in 3 minutes made the low of the day at 1147.  It rallied 23 points to 1170 and finally closed down 3.94 at 1155.79.  FAS did even better 29.88 was the low in the first minute and the rally took it to 32.34 and closed down 0.33 at 30.95.  This is significant it gave me a positive DKOD on FAS.  Fas should be up in the next 2-7 days and give a rally of 10% based on previous such occurrence.  This is another positive.  For a 40 point rally in spx it only gave back 4 points today.  That is positive.  Tuesday being opposite of Monday worked great today.  DMRM gave one buy signal at 30.84 and gave me $1.10 and one short signal at 31.34 which I closed at end of day for 25 cents.  I went long at the end of day in anticipation of the rally tomorrow based on DKOD.  I did a study on spx where we closed almost at the open and the close was 2.9 or more down.  Once again the next day is quite important and almost always the first reaction is the wrong one. In candle stick stock chart talk day like today is called a long legged dogi and is supposed to indicate a top reversal.  This is not such a common occurrence in spx.  Last time it happened spx was near a bottom and did not trigger any massive sell off.  I will watch the spx and the markets with little extra caution tomorrow. This chart on the left is FAS 60 min envelope.  After being outside the envelope it is back in and that is usually a good time to get in. The thing that is little bothersome is that it is being rejected at the DOMA. 
I am bullish but not very. 

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