Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lets get real

These are both charts of FAS 15 minutes. They both have Dino's Octavia ( 8 divisions of the range from high to low). On left I am looking to see what percent of the recent rally have we corrected. Thats from 59.82 to 103. We have only corrected 7.5 points to 95.5 (about 17% of 43 points) that does not look like much to me. The FAS is sitting on the second fan. I would like to see 25% and more for me to become "un" bullish. On the right is focusing in on the decline so far. This is drawn to get an idea as to when I should play the long side from the trading account. (A small sum of money) Once again I will have to see FAS cross the DOMA clearly and that is about the same point as or DMRR signal of 3.2%. A lot happens on the day when everyone says nothing much happened today. I can't tell but something happened and we will see results in a day or two. I will let my DOMA guide. If I was playing short (pun intended) term I would stay short. The Dino's KOD is still active and it is saying down

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