Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Everything is coming up roses

Things don't happen exactly 100% UTAH all the time but when they do it is a joy. I know some Elliot Wave theory and how it works. Yes I have read the book by Bob Prechter. It was always a little difficult to trade with EW for me. Specially when for every count there are at least 2 alternatives. EW ticians are very dedicated and they have a lot of patience and they put in an enormous amount of time. Incidentally you can meet a lot of the very very good ones at our CIL. Give it a visit. Click at the bottom of the blog. The chart above is my EW count on FAS. According to this it is game over and it should be correction time. A good correction of 57% ( based on 2 and 4 ) on the total (103-11.6) should bring it to about 40. I will keep that in the back of my mind and see if other signals support that as we go along,

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