Monday, March 29, 2010

Dino's KOD ( Kiss Of Death)

Key Reversal: A sharp reversal pattern that occurs during a trend. In an uptrend, prices open above the previous day’s close, make a new high and then close below the previous day’s low. The greater range and volume, the more reliable the signal. This is always an outside day with a Higher High and Lower Low

Dino's KOD on the other hand happens when the Price reaches the high of the day within the first 5 minutes from the opening. The high may be higher or lower than previous days closing. The stock or the ETF may close higher or lower than previous days closing. It just can't go higher than what it recorded in the first five minutes. In the sense the game is over in the first five minutes. What happens in the next few days is what is important. This move has a high probability of success. When it is positive ( low of the day in the first five minutes) a long position is taken at the end of day and becomes profitable with 7 days. Sometimes it happens the very next day. In my chart the green ellipses are when the stock reaches the lowest levels of the day in the first 5 minutes and the red ellipses are the other way around. This is my own observation hence the name Dino's KOD.

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